Ad Management

A simple account with the right options

We've integrated Ad Management into all of our Pulling Site Templates to give you more control over the ads on your site. The ad manager option is only available with a Premium Membership.


How will it benefit you?

You can use this opportunity to provide ad spots for your sponsors, pullers, or showcase franchise item for sale.  This may be a great way to: earn fundraising dollars for your pull,  attract more spectators to your pull, earn money by selling franchise, or provide value to your sponsors & fans.
If you would prefer not to show ads on your site, they can easily be removed if you have a Premium Pulling Site membership.


Ad Manager Features
  • Creating & Modifying ads
  • Track your ads (track the number of times your each ad has been viewed and clicked)
  • Scheduling ads (they will deactivate once their time is up)
  • Grouping ads
  • Targeting ads
  • Setting custom ad sizes
  • Ordering ads


Ad Options

As well, the ad manager gives you space to be creative with the ads themselves. Check out the following ad options:

  • Ad Rotator (randomly choose the position the ad is displayed in)
  • Banner Rotator (rotate what banner is displayed in a single slot)
  • Link an ad (when a viewer clicks on it, they will go to the link you have set)
  • Responsive HTML5 ad (create your ad in HTML5 code format)
  • Image & Text combo ads

This is not a full list of the options available.


How it works:

After you sign up for your Premium Pulling Site membership, follow the instruction to create your site. Pulling Site will be notified of your new membership and will contact you via the email you have provided. We will assist you with instructions on how to set up your Ad Management Account.

Once you've set up your Ad Zones with our secret shortcode, ads you upload to the each Ad Zone will automatically populate to the right areas of your website. Our two standard ad areas are at the bottom of the inside pages, and in the footer (bottom) area of the website. Please contact us using the contact form on our contact page if you would like to add other Ad Zones to your website.

We use Ad Plugg to manage ads across all of our websites. This service is easy to use and offers a great range of options. Although most of our clients choose the free version of the Ad Plugg service, If you would like to use the paid version you have the option to do so.